Marketplace Integration

Inventory, listing, order management for MercadoLibre sellers

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With MercadoLibre and MonsterSeller

Step 1
Get approved to sell on the MercadoLibre marketplace. Apply here.

Step 2
Sign up for MonsterSeller and connect your MercadoLibre account. Ship orders using pre-generated DHL shipping labels, you don't need to worry about dealing with customs.

MercadoLibre Order Management

Print pre-generated DHL labels, invoices, package slips for your MercadoLibre orders.

Manage Products

Transfer products between platforms, edit and optimize your content.

Inventory Synchronization

Synchronize your MercadoLibre quantities with other platforms. Sales on one marketplace reduce quantities on other connected platforms.


Analyze your sales across channels.

Low Stock Alerts

Receive an email when the number of stock reaches your defined number.


Create rules to automate tasks. Modify orders and trigger a variety of actions based on custom rules.

Track Shipments

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MercadoLibre is a great marketplace for retailers and brands that provide compelling products, great pricing, reliable fulfillment, and outstanding customer service.