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What is the Buy Box?

On, when multiple merchants sell the same product, all offers are displayed on a single page. However, only one offer wins the Buy Box, and this seller captures the majority of sales.

How to Win the Buy Box

Several factors determine the Buy Box winner:

(1) Shipping
(2) Performance Score
(3) Price

How It Works

(1) Connect

Log into your MonsterSeller account and link your Walmart account. Don't have a MonsterSeller account yet? Check our pricing and sign up today.

(2) Set Up

Choose from the pre-defined Competitive Price strategy or customize your own.

(3) Activate Repricer

Easily assign items to a strategy through MonsterSeller's user-friendly interface.

(3) Monitor

Track the repricing actions on your items directly from the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the repricer also raise the price?

Yes, the repricer adjusts based on your strategy to keep a certain distance from competitors. If a competitor raises their price, your price will rise accordingly. Moreover, if your offer becomes the sole available option (with no competition), you can set the repricer to revert the price to its original value.

Can the repricer guarantee winning the buy box?

While having the lowest price generally improves your chances of winning the buy box, it is not the only factor. Other critical factors include shipping speed and cost, your sales history, and performance metrics (such as return rates and on-time delivery). Therefore, even with the lowest price, you might not always win the buy box.

What types of items perform well with a Repricer?

Items that already attract site traffic and face competition on or other websites benefit the most from automated repricing.

What happens if all my competitors' prices are now higher than mine?

The Repricer adjusts by analyzing recent price changes to match your competitors' pricing.

My item is on the Buy Box Price strategy rule and priced the lowest, but it is not winning the Buy Box. Why?

While pricing is a key factor in determining the Buy Box winner, Walmart considers all attributes of your item listing, along with inventory and pricing, when selecting the winner. Therefore, the lowest-priced offer does not always win the Buy Box.

How often does the tool reprice my items?

The repricing speed depends on the chosen repricing strategy and the site's traffic for an item. While the repricing action is triggered quickly, it may take up to four hours to reflect on the site. For high-demand items, we compare data more frequently for faster repricing.

What happens if the competitor’s price is lower than my floor price?

If a competitor's price is lower than your floor price, the Repricer will adjust your price to match the floor price.

Example: If an item on the External Price strategy rule has a floor price of $10.00 with a Beat By value of $0.50, but the external site price is $9.00, your price will change to $10.00 and not go any lower.

How does the MonsterSeller repricer work?

MonsterSeller offers an interface to easily set up your pricing strategies and manage repricer settings for your products. GeekSeller does not send prices to Walmart or perform calculations. Instead, MonsterSeller utilizes a repricer tool hosted and operated by Walmart, ensuring the fastest operations with minimal delays.