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Our Walmart Repricer allows you to automate price adjustments on your products within a specified range to offer the most competitive price.

Can the repricer guarantee to win the buy box?
The lowest price usually means you can win the buy box. Price is the most important factor, but it is not the only factor that determines winning. Other important aspects are shipping speed and price, your sales history, and performance (stats such as returns, on-time delivery, etc.). This means you might often have the lowest price yet still not win the buy box.

How does MonsterSeller repricer work?
MonsterSeller provides an interface to easily set up your strategies for pricing and turn on and off repricer on your products. MonsterSeller does not send prices to Walmart, nor do we perform calculations. MonsterSeller utilizes a repricer tool that is hosted and operated by Walmart. This ensures the fastest operations.

How fast is this repricer?
Even that with our solution this is Walmart itself adjusts prices on their end for your products, there are still delays, which might range from 15 minutes up to 4 hours.

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