The Buy with Prime button is now available outside Amazon

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A new function named Buy with Prime was launched by Amazon on April 21st, 2022. Certain vendors can now utilize the Buy with Prime button on their eCommerce websites, thanks to this functionality. It provides customers with an additional, straightforward checkout option and helps relieve some of the seller’s fulfillment-related duties.

You must first sign up for the interest list as this service is currently only accessible to selected merchants. Following approval, you will receive a special HTML button code to add to your product data. Since there are currently no integrations or add-ons to automate this, the seller must do it manually. The offer should show up alongside the Buy with Prime checkout option as soon as you update the product on your website.

Customers who select this new option will be required to log in using their Amazon accounts. Depending on their Amazon preferences, the payment method and delivery information will be filled up automatically. Compared to the standard checkout, it only takes a few clicks, so it is a great option for Amazon Prime customers. 

Moreover, clicking the Buy with Prime option will ensure quick and free delivery along with all the benefits that Amazon FBA offers. The main ones are being able to return the goods to the FBA fulfillment locations and track the orders in the Amazon account. It could be worthwhile to think about including a Buy with Prime button on your DTC (direct to consumer) website since this can surely save a lot of merchants’ time.

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