Global Shipping Program on eBay

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If you are an international seller and offer your products on eBay, the Global Shipping Program might be an excellent solution for you. This feature is dedicated to merchants who want to make international shipping a bit easier and have a seller rating of Above Standard or higher. The products eligible for the Global Shipping Program must be stored in the US and listed on All of the program requirements can be viewed here (please see the “Getting started with the Global Shipping Program” section).

What is eBay Global Shipping Program

Here is how the eBay Global Shipping Program works:

  1. eBay order outside the US is placed.
  2. Seller ships the order to one of eBay’s domestic shipping centers.
  3. eBay takes care of shipping and all of the paperwork involved (customers etc.)

No additional fees are applied for joining this program, but please keep in mind that some fees and selling costs may apply to you, including an international fee. You can learn more here.

Additionally, the Global Shipping Program has a lot of customization options. For example, you can determine which products are enrolled in this program. You do not have to offer all your products with the Global Shipping Program. You can also select the list of supported countries if needed.

You can disable the Global Shipping Program on your account anytime, but it might take up to 72 hours until fully processed. To opt out, log in to your eBay account and navigate to Manage Shipping Preferences → select Edit beside Global Shipping Program and select Opt Out.

When an international order is placed in your eBay account, and you use the Global Shipping Program, MonsterSeller will import this order and display eBay’s domestic shipping center address that must be used for fulfillment.

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