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MercadoLibre offers customers and sellers an advanced web trading environment and is open to American vendors. It is the market leader in the Latin America region, which has a customer base of over 635 million and one of the fastest-growing Internet penetration rates in the world.

MercadoLibre introduction

MercadoLibre is a successful e-commerce site that you probably know from the news. With an online marketplace platform, shipping, storage, and online payments, MercadoLibre has the largest technological and business ecosystem in Latin America. There are 18 countries where MercadoLibre is available, including Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, and Peru.

How to join MercadoLibre as a US seller?

The Global Selling Program, developed by MercadoLibre, makes it easier for foreign vendors to sell across Latin America. Cross-Border Trade is currently permitted in Chile, Mexico, and Brazil.

In order to get international sellers to join the marketplace, MercadoLibre realized that they would need to help them through all the challenges of doing business internationally. They overcome difficulties with currency, calculating customs, taxes, and shipping thanks to the Global Selling Program. Selling in Latin America is as straightforward with the Global Selling Program as it is with domestic US sales.

Because of MercadoLibre’s partnerships with regional carriers (DHL in the US), merchants don’t have to bother about figuring out shipping fees and import duties. Without having to integrate or negotiate with a new shipping supplier, sellers get ready-to-print shipping labels. Everything else is handled by MercadoLibre and DHL, with sellers dropping off shipments at the local DHL office (or having the carrier pick them up).

Products you can offer on MercadoLibre

All product categories are available on MercadoLibre marketplace, so if you already sell your items on US marketplaces, you will probably be able to do the same there. Prior to starting the process of uploading items to MercadoLibre, you need to take into account the constraints on weight and dimension as well as a list of limitations for particular products from Latin America.

Exporting products to MercadoLibre

MercadoLibre allows users to upload items using a CSV file. Nevertheless, doing this with MonsterSeller’s tools and the graphical user interface is significantly simpler. Before you begin creating your catalog, have in mind that MercadoLibre, like other online shops, requires your items to have the right categories, GTIN (EAN or UPC), and appropriate dimensions (weight and size). You do not need to convert your product description into regional languages; you can rely on MercadoLibre technology to handle it!

Returns management

  • When the seller fulfills the order – MercadoLibre will reimburse the customer. The merchandise is not being paid for, so the vendor will have to cover the expense of the return shipping.
  • When Mercadolibre fulfills the order – they will refund the customer, and there will be no further charges for the return shipping.

More information about Returns may be found at the following link.

MercadoLibre costs

Listing your items on MercadoLibre is entirely free. MercadoLibre, like other marketplaces, takes a percentage of the sold items as a fee. Mexico charges between 12.5 percent and 22.5 percent (based on product category), while Brazil and Chile charge 16 percent. Furthermore, if you are selling with free delivery (for example, Mexico), you will be charged a portion of the shipment cost; see more.

Even though you sell in Latin America, you will still get a payment in USD. You shouldn’t be concerned by currency swings. Product prices in the USA are listed when sellers upload their goods to MercadoLibre. Because sellers on MercadoLibre get payment in USD, even if buyers on the site pay in their local currency, MercadoLibre is responsible for any potential fluctuations in exchange rates.

Shipping to Latin America

To assist US vendors with shipping goods to customers in Latin America, MercadoLibre provides the following options:

  • Ship By MercadoLibre – qualified sellers, can send items to MercadoLibre’s warehouses and have orders automatically fulfilled by the marketplace, much like Amazon’s FBA and Walmart’s WFS programs. Here is additional information about Fulfillment by MercadoLibre.
  • Ship with Partnered Carrier – the US businesses selling on MercadoLibre favor this method. In collaboration with the regional carrier (DHL for US merchants), MercadoLibre offers sellers ready-to-print shipping labels. We go into more depth about how it functions below.

How does Ship with Partnered Carrier work?

  1. Sellers publish items on MercadoLibre in collaboration with MonsterSeller, ensuring that product dimensions and weight restrictions are met; see product Dimensions and Weight Restrictions.
  2. MercadoLibre estimates shipping prices and taxes for each market based on the information given by vendors; further information on expenses.
  3. A seller may print the label directly from the Monster Seller panel once MercadoLibre automatically creates one when they get an order.
  4. Within three business days, a seller must deliver merchandise to the carrier (maximum handling time allowed). If a seller generates at least ten orders per day, the carrier can be scheduled to come for a pickup (you need to contact MercadoLibre to activate it).
  5. Product delivery is handled by the carrier; expected delivery timeframes are shown here.

Advertising on MercadoLibre

If you provide the demanded products at the right price, you won’t have to worry about running out of orders on MercadoLibre. With the help of Product Ads – a MercadoLibre advertising program – merchants may increase the exposure of their items even further. Your listings will be used to build adverts for MercadoLibre, which will decide where and when to display them to potential customers. In addition to setting a daily budget, sellers can conceal, stop, or activate advertisements. The platform is built on the PPC (Pay per Click) concept, meaning you only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement.

MercadoLibre registration

Are you ready to sell on MercadoLibre? MercadoLibre collaborates with sellers that have a proven record of selling high-quality items and providing excellent customer support. In addition, MercadoLibre has a list of favored product categories.

MonsterSeller, together with MercadoLibre select and onboard sellers, please contact us to see if you qualify and work with us on your application.

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