Walmart boosts Canada and Mexico’s supply chains with strategic investments

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Walmart invests heavily in Canada and Mexico’s supply chains, logistics, and infrastructure to help millions of customers save money when shopping locally. These investments, which are being raised independently in each market, aim to build trust with local communities, provide more affordable goods, and create jobs that benefit both communities and their residents.

To enhance customer service, Walmart is opening new, cutting-edge distribution centers in Canada and Mexico to enhance its supply chains and speed up order fulfillment. These new centers are expected to generate 3,200 new direct and indirect jobs and will provide better service and a wider selection of products.

In addition to its investments in Canada and Mexico, Walmart is also investing in carbon-neutral distribution centers and utilizing technology to accelerate fulfillment at its new-generation fulfillment centers in the US. These centers will be capable of providing next-day or two-day shipping on millions of items to around 75% of the US population. The company is dedicated to sustainability and aims to become a regenerative company by 2040, focusing on innovations that promote both people and the environment.

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