Guidelines for Walmart Canada Sellers

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Sellers must take many things into account in order to run a leading online store and have the best product catalog. In this Walmart Canada guide, you can find some of the most useful advice.

walmart canada guide for sellers

Listing content

  1. The Content Guides offer helpful advice for introducing a new product and guidance on which category is optimal for your listings.
  2. One of the best things you can do to enhance your listings on Walmart Canada is to include French content. GeekSeller suggests Google Translate as one of the primary tools for this purpose. On their website, Walmart provides further details regarding the translation sources they advise using.
  3. Be careful to adhere to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices while constructing listings. This will increase the visibility of your listing in search results and increase your traffic.
  4. Images are another component of a great product. Perfect photos may attract buyers’ attention right away. Here are the ideal picture standards.
  5. You may check the Product Content Scorecard that Walmart sends out twice a week to determine whether your catalog needs to be improved. If there are any adjustments you need to make to enhance the appearance of your catalog, this report will let you know about them.


  1. One element of success as a Walmart Canada seller is having a flawless listing. The other is to keep commercial operations running efficiently.
  2. Ensure that both you and Walmart are satisfied with your logistics and shipment. A list of Walmart’s preferred domestic fulfillment solution suppliers in Canada can be found here. The Ship with Walmart (SWW) program should be checked if you want to ship to Canada from the US or China. Your fulfillment performance is tracked by Walmart; make sure to keep track of it so you can meet the goals.
  3. The quality of a product is best determined by its 5-star client ratings. Here is a list of the customer review programs that Walmart suggests.
  4. To be successful as a vendor on Walmart Canada, it’s critical to understand their pricing guidelines. Information on how to view Walmart’s price insights and download pricing data is available from the Seller Center. You will increase your chances of making sales and expanding your business on the platform by maintaining competitive pricing.
  5. All vendors are encouraged by Walmart to take part in their promotions and events, which may increase traffic to your catalog and increase sales.

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