Join Walmart Canada marketplace as the US seller with these easy steps

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If you sell on Walmart US for some time and consider joining Walmart Canada, there is good news for you. Walmart just introduced an effortless way to join the Walmart Canada marketplace directly from the Seller Center. As for now, it is available for selected sellers and the only condition is adherence to the performance standards. The best way to check if you can use this pre-approval method is to log in to the Seller Center, click Settings, and select ‘New Markets’ from a drop-down.

Easy way to join Walmart Canada marketplace for US sellers

If you see this information on your Seller Center, you have been granted an option to join the Walmart Canada marketplace without an extensive application process. You will only need to input some minimal information and acquire Canadian Business Number if you do not have one.

It usually takes Walmart two or three business days to review the application. If it is approved, you will receive an email with the contract agreement. After you sign it, Walmart will send details about your Canada Seller Center account and onboarding instructions. You can then easily export your US listings to Walmart Canada and start selling on the new marketplace.

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