How to Check Your Walmart Marketplace Application Status

If you are a future Walmart seller still waiting for a response regarding your application, there is some good news for you. You can relatively quickly check your Walmart marketplace application status with some data from your form and a few clicks. Previously, this option was available only through the Walmart Support case and usually took weeks to receive a sensible response. This feature can save you some time and frustration as Walmart can review the application for up to 4 weeks and is not obliged to inform you about the rejection. Often, sellers wait for several months, hoping that their application is still in review while it is already dumped.

You can check your Walmart marketplace application status here. You will need to provide your email address, tax classification, number of tax classification, and click Get Application Status. After clicking it, Walmart should send you a general description of the current stage of your Walmart application review.

Walmart marketplace application status check

Currently, it is the only way to check your Walmart marketplace application status. Until recently, you could also submit a case through the Walmart support system, but at the moment, it is available only for logged-in sellers. If you see an error or your application was rejected, and you would like to know a reason, you can contact our support at:, and we will try to get more information.

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