Start Selling on Walmart and Save Big with New-Seller Savings

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New sellers looking to establish a presence on should take advantage of the New-Seller Savings promotion. This event offers benefits for success on the Walmart Marketplace.

For a limited period, new sellers can get a referral fee rate discount of up to 25% for up to 90 days and a $500 credit for Sponsored Products ads. To get the discount follow these steps:

  1. Complete the New-Seller Survey – Before you go live, be sure to complete the New-Seller Survey. Doing so will earn you an initial 10% reduction in referral fee rates.
  2. Enroll in Eligible Programs – By enrolling in the following programs, you can enjoy an additional 5% reduction on eligible products:
  3. Receive Your $500 Sponsored Products Ad Credit – Three weeks after the onboarding, you will receive an email with instructions on how to unlock your $500 Sponsored Products ad credit.

Seize the chance to sell on and get benefits from the New-Seller Savings promotion. It is worth mentioning that this is a limited-time offer, so time is of the essence.

Campaign Highlights

  • It’s important to remember that simply enrolling your products in Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) does not guarantee you a discount. To receive the discount, you must also have your products fulfilled by WFS. If you have set up a product in WFS but continue to fulfill it through your own logistics network, you will not receive the additional 5% discount. The same applies to enrolling in Walmart Sponsored Search. Unless you spend at least $1 on promoting your products, you will not be eligible for the additional 5% referral fee discount.
  • Creating a Walmart Marketplace account is quick and easy, taking only about a minute. Afterward, simply complete a three-step setup process to start your onboarding journey. The following information is needed to be approved to sell on the Walmart marketplace:
    • Business Tax ID(s) (SSN not accepted) or Business License Number
    • Supporting documents that verify your Business Name and Address
    • History of marketplace or eCommerce success
    • Products that have GTIN/UPC GS1 Company Prefix Numbers
    • The catalog that complies with Walmart’s Prohibited Products Policy
    • Fulfillment through Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) or another B2C US warehouse with returns capability
  • The referral fee rate discounts for the Marketplace are applied on a weekly basis every Friday. This means that your 90-day period of up to 25% off referral fee rates will commence within the week of your official launch date on the site.

To summarize, the New-Seller Savings promotion offers new sellers on a chance to boost their success. With discounts and ad credit, sellers can expand their business and reach more customers on Walmart Marketplace. Don’t miss out, start selling now and start saving!

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