Walmart Loosens up the Restricted Products Policy for some Items

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On September 16th (2022) Walmart lifted some of the regional product restrictions for some categories. Sellers can now select the states where their products will be available for sale.

To sell the items in un-restricted categories, sellers only need to provide accurate geo-restriction information during product setup and identify any states where these items are not legally allowed for sale. Sellers need to be aware of their products’ geographic restrictions and are obliged to enter the correct information.

The restrictions were lifted for the categories below:

  • Electric air Cleaners – Ozone Purifiers/Air Purifiers/Infrared Heaters 
  • Radar Detectors 
  • Sunscreen w/Prohibited Ingredients in Hawaii 
  • Catalytic Converters 
  • Styrofoam Products 
  • General Service Lamps/Bulbs (GSL) 
  • Powered Ride-Ons – Gas & Electric 
  • Adult Products 
  • Pepper Spray 
  • Tear Gas 
  • Air/BB/Pellet Gun 

Sellers who already have products unpublished under these categories will need to update them with correct inventory counts and geographic restrictions to publish them.

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