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A few weeks ago, Walmart improved the Analytics sections of the Seller Center. They have introduced the Growth Opportunities dashboard with many helpful tools to track the performance and quality of products. One of the sections is Unpublished Items which can help you identify the issues of inactive products and republish them.

This section can be accessed through Analytics > Growth Opportunities > Unpublished Items. The unpublished dashboard is unique and, in a few ways, better than the regular unpublished products subtab on the Items section. The difference of the unpublished Walmart products section is in the additional features it has to offer.

  • In the new dashboard, you do not only see the number of unpublished items but also the estimative monetary value of these products. You can easily calculate how much you are losing due to the removal of these items from the marketplace and act right away to get them back online.
  • It also provides information about the unpublished reason and allows you to edit affected items one by one or in bulk. The Trust & Safety section list all the products that violate Walmart policies. It is a really helpful feature as previously, it was hard to identify the products unpublished due to this specific issue.

We advise you to review the Unpublished section regularly to address all the issues immediately as they appear. In most cases, many products need just simple adjustments to be reinstated. Checking this dashboard every once in a while may increase your profit and save you future efforts of communication with the Walmart support team.

You can check a complete Walmart walkthrough recording if you need some instructions on how to use this dashboard. The unpublished Walmart products issues can also be addressed easily through the MonsterSeller system. If you need any assistance, please get in touch with us at:

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