Walmart Seller Vacation Mode Setup

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If you are going on vacation, you might be a bit surprised at how unintuitive it is to put your Walmart store on hold for the time being. Below we have listed two available methods for putting your account into a sort of “Walmart seller vacation mode.” One way is where orders can still be made, and the other way is where buyers will be unable to purchase your items during the specified period.

1: Additional days off

On Walmart Marketplace, there is an option to specify days off (meaning that you do not ship these days). You can enable it via Settings > Shipping Info > General Shipping tab. Please keep in mind that you will still get new orders with this option, and when you return, you will be responsible for shipping those orders that came in during your days off.

This option is good if you are taking a short vacation (a couple of days) and want to indicate that your office will be closed during those days. However, if you want to ensure that when you return, you do not spend hours shipping all orders that came in on your days off, you should consider option two.

2: Zero Out the Quantity

Whenever you set your quantity to zero, these products become unavailable on the Walmart Marketplace, making it impossible for customers to place the order; therefore, you can use this option to set up a kind of Walmart Seller Vacation Mode.

If you have a MonsterSeller account, you can easily enable this option for your Walmart Marketplace connection. On the MonsterSeller panel, go to My Account -> Profile, check the box below, and MonsterSeller will create a backup with your data and zero out your quantity automatically. Once you return from your vacation, click the box again to disable Vacation mode, and MonsterSeller will send your previous inventory feed to Walmart. 

How to enable Walmart Vacation Mode on GeekSeller panel

If you do not have a MonsterSeller account, you can upload an inventory update spec to your Walmart Seller Center, setting all of your products to zero and when you come back, upload an inventory file back to bring the previous inventory levels. If you use this method, please keep in mind that you need to create a backup file with your inventory beforehand.

You can also combine methods one and two. Setting additional days off with quantity update will ensure that even when the order is placed by accident, the fulfillment date will be set to when you get back from vacation.

If you have any questions about Walmart Seller Vacation Mode, reach out to our support team (, and we will be happy to help you.

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