Expand Your Business with eBay’s International Shipping Program

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In November 2022, we wrote about eBay Global Shipping, a program for sellers looking to sell internationally through the platform. A month later, eBay launched a pilot program called International Shipping that aims to improve upon Global Shipping by offering additional features and benefits for sellers and customers.

If you’re currently using Global Shipping, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the new program, and eligible listings will default to international shipping. However, if you’re using a different international shipping service, you’ll need to update your listings.

Comparison of eBay International Shipping Programs

The core concept of the International Shipping program is similar to that of the Global Shipping Program. When an international order is placed, the seller ships the product to eBay’s domestic shipping centers within the US, and eBay handles the rest, including shipping the order to the customer and handling all related paperwork and inconveniences. However, International Shipping also offers additional benefits beyond what is offered by the Global Shipping Program:

  • Returns Handling: eBay handles all returns and issues refunds at no cost to the seller, making international returns less of a hassle.
  • Lower Shipping Rates: eBay has negotiated better rates for the new program, leading to lower shipping costs for customers and more competitive products for sellers.
  • Vast Customer Base: International shipping gives sellers access to over 200 new markets.
  • Increased Seller Protection: After items are shipped to the domestic hub, sellers are protected against customer claims such as chargebacks, items not received, and negative feedback.

Also, here is a shortened list of comparisons of eBay’s international shipping programs. For a complete list, please see this link.

Joining eBay International Shipping

There are no additional fees for using International Shipping, and the program is set to roll out in phases over the next year. If you’re eligible, eBay will inform you via email and the Seller Hub. For more information on International Shipping, you can visit eBay’s website.

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